Electrician Vans

Electrician Van InteriorOur Electrician Commercial Trade Vans come converted, and ready to work as soon as it’s delivered to you. The internals are designed and fitted with your trade in mind, so you can rest assured your Electrician Van will be kitted out with all the necessary racking and safety features required.

Electrician Van Specification


Driver Side Racking

Sobogrip+ safety floor/racking foundation

Powertool clamp

Sowaflex wall & door upper protection kit

Slide-out tool trays


Slide-out component boxes

Passenger Side Racking

Locking lift-up lid base unit

Lift-up lid floor locker

Consumables shelves

Open storage for cables & consumables

Slide-out bins

Mats, dividers & pockets

Mats & dividers


Pre-built & palletised

Delivery within the UK mainland