Step 2: Tailored Leasing Solution


A Tailored Leasing Solution

We develop a tailored leasing solution for your commercial vehicle needs including ancillary equipment, livery, racking, services and driver management.

With contract hire, you make fixed monthly payments whilst you have the option for us to also take care of the maintenance. And you won’t have to worry about resale value; we take the vehicle back at the end of the term, usually leading to lower deposits and lower monthly payments than loans or hire purchase.

Sale and leaseback is an excellent option if you’re concerned about tying up capital in your fleet, and want to avoid residual value exposure. selling your fleet and leasing it back means that you reintroduce capital to the business, benefit from fixed monthly payments, and don’t have to worry about servicing your vehicles and reselling them at the end of the term.

Ultimately, financing with us enables you to make a cost-effective investment in company transportation without having to worry about depreciation, resale and fluctuating costs.


The Benefits

  • Fixed Monthly Costs

    Allows for greater ease of business forecasting.
  • No Risk of Depreciation

    We take on all the residual risk associated with car ownership.
  • Maintenance Packages

    We take care of any routine procedures for you. VAT on the maintenance package is 100% recoverable.
  • Off balance sheet funding

    We own the cars, so any fixed costs won’t appear on your balance sheet, providing you with a more favourable gearing ratio.
  • Contract hire over purchasing

    Contract hire is a money-savvy approach if you’re looking to also invest elsewhere in your organisation.
  • VAT

    VAT registered businesses can claim back 100% VAT on the finance element and 100% VAT on the maintenance element on contract hire deals; they’re financially viable.
  • Efficient time management

    it’s our responsibility to source, maintain and dispose of any vehicles that you hire.
  • Vast sourcing network

    Our wealth of experience in the industry means that you can get the benefit of our purchasing powers.