Step 1: Fleet Analysis & Overview


Fleet Overview & Analysis

We will undertake a full evaluation of your current fleet, looking at the usage, application and type of vehicles required, including the ancillary equipment to be fitted. With this information, our van specialist can assess where improvements can be made that enhance aspects such as fleet safety and operational efficiency.

From the outset, the evaluation process will involve close participation from key stakeholders within your business, where their initial direction regarding the fleet challenges you are currently facing will be crucial in us carrying out an accurate analysis.

Our Van Specialist will discuss the evaluation results with you and also provide a feedback report as a point of reference. This consultation process is vital as it gives you the opportunity to understand what will work for your fleet and also provides an open forum which will give you the opportunity you to push back or make suggestions based upon the advice we provide.


Delivering The right vehicle for the right job

Through our careful Fleet analysis we are able to provide you with a selection of a vehicles that best suit the job at hand and your business objectives.

We will then supply you with the right commercial vehicle you need, fitted with any ancillary equipment you need (whether its refrigerated, fitted with complex racking, or with a tail-lift and lifting equipment).

And with our economies of scale, we can offer you reductions in the cost of the base vehicle and ancillary equipment regardless of make or model.