About Us

Welcome to Specialist Van Leasing. We are not just any Van leasing company. We provide proven results with the service of a dedicated team of professional van leasing specialists with specific experience in the industry.

Tailor made Van Leasing Solutions:

We recognize that any Van or Vehicle needs to be a specific tool for the job and that a poorly fitted van or minibus can be more hassle and lead to complications when running your business.

Ask us to quote for all your van leasing requirements:

We not only seek to provide tailored made solutions but we like also to be competitive whether that is one vehicle or your entire fleet. There are some excellent vans available to order but at Specialist Van Leasing we offer the added benefits of arranging fitting out of the load area and for additional peace of mind, maintenance contracts and full road-side assistance.

Contact us, “Specialist Van Leasing” for a personable service and allow us to quote for any of your van leasing and minibus requirements. The market for commercial vehicles can be overwhelming so allow us to meet your exacting requirements.