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Built for Purpose Vans.

Delivering Vans as specialised as your business.

Specialist Vans

Our Van Specialist can deliver vans as specialist as your business.

Trade Vans

Our built for purpose trade vans ensure you have a van tailor fitted for your specific trade.

Van Deals

Our purchasing power allows us to bring you the best commercial van deals available.

School Minibus

Did you know that you can drive our lightweight Minibus on an ordinary driving licence?

Specialist Van Leasing

You want to make sure that every part of your business is well equipped to do its job, and vans are no exception. The sooner you can get your vans safe, legal, and built for purpose, the sooner you get them and your team on the road.

But if you have to deal with multiple suppliers, finding the correct vehicle, negotiating prices, choosing suitable van racking and storage, ensuring everything is legally compliant and safe, project managing the fit-out, sourcing the graphics – then getting your van can become complicated, time consuming and overly expensive, and potentially end up not meet all your business requirements.

Thats where we come in. We handle every aspect of your commercial specialist van, guiding you through the van selection process, project managing the customer interior fit out, ensuring all aspects meet the necessary legal requirements, sourcing finance, through to delivering a fit for purpose van, ready to go.

The right vehicle for the right job

The first thing our Van Specialist does is listen to what you want and expect from a vehicle and take the time to understand what you will be using the vehicle for. Issues such as types of load (bulk or weight) storage, security, economy, and whether the vehicle will be used in urban or motorway environments are all taken into consideration. Only when we have a detailed profile do we make our vehicle recommendations.

Why Choose SVL?

  • Built for Purpose
  • Safety First
  • Peace of Mind
  • Flexible Finance